Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 4/21/2015


The media is filled with images of unattainable levels of beauty and ruggedness that kids believe is authentic but is nothing more than smoke and mirrors! This can be incredibly detrimental to a kid’s self-esteem and fuels negative perceptions of body image which can lead to negative comments on social media platforms and news feeds. Since kids today are not only avid consumers of media but are active creators, it is crucial to instill a healthy body image and a strong sense of empathy from a young age encouraging kids to create images from a place of kindness.

Give your child a positive role model to emulate by showing them these 13 celebrities who are standing up against the industry’s standard of beauty.  And to keep the conversation going, have your kids try out these games and read these books that celebrate friendship, diversity, and the importance of caring for one another-empathy. When used positively, media can help teach kids how to be comfortable in their own skin and recognize the beauty that lives within all of us.

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