Awareness of Human Trafficking: Art and Advocacy

FullSizeRenderInspired by Hamlin alumna Chase Hommeyer, teachers Heather Smith and Maggie Jo Feldman recently embarked on an interdisciplinary journey to support Guria, a grassroots anti-trafficking NGO through art and advocacy.  Joining schools from around the world like the American School of Bucharest and SOS Dakar of Senegal, and ones closer to home like Branson and Lick-Wilmerding, Hamlin 6th graders participated in written and visual action to raise awareness about the need to end human trafficking.

Guria, based in Varanasi, India has partnered with “100’s of students from across the globe to create a tidal wave of awareness, empowerment, and creativity.”  The students acted in solidarity “each learning about human trafficking, creating art about trafficking, exchanging their art with each other, and putting on art exhibits in their respective communities.”

As part of the letter writing campaign, a current Hamlin 6th grader explained how they were empowered to “create a piece of art accomplishing one of four things: a call to action, giving hope to victims of trafficking, conveying emotions, or spreading awareness.”  She went on to explain that, “my class continued this project by writing one of four pieces: a press release, a letter to a child affected by trafficking, a letter encouraging a Bay Area business to get involved, or a letter informing a part of the Hamlin community of our project.”  As reported by the BBC news, there are an estimated 36 million people living in modern slavery, a greater number than any other time during human history.  Hamlin students are clearly addressing one the great challenges of our time.

For more information about the Guria project please visit:

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