5 Things every San Franciscan should know about the Drought

1.  The drought is costing California billions of dollars.  In March, Jerry Brown announced $1 billion emergency drought package including funding for: safe drinking water, water recycling, and conservation awareness.

2.  Snow on the Sierra Nevada Mountains has fallen to 12% of average levels, from 28% last year in 2014. This not only impacts the ski industry, but of course reservoirs as well.

3.  A Field poll released in February showed that 94% of California voters agreed that the drought is “serious”, but only 34% supported mandatory rationing.

4.  “Agriculture is responsible for 80-90% of US Water consumption”, “Producing one kilogram of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one kilogram of grain protein.” (USDA, 2013, documentary film images-3Cowspiracy’s fact page).

5.  In March, NASA JPL Senior Water scientist Jay Famiglietti said that California has about one year of reservoir storage and the backup supply, groundwater was low.


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