Connecting Public and Private Schools through Gardening

This past Saturday seven students, parent Scott Johnson, and 1st grade teacher Lindsey Innes brought their environmental stewardship skills to Sherman Elementary School.  The Hamlin contingent worked pulling weeds, raking, and planting salad greens side by side with Sherman students and parents.

A key facet of global citizenship is reaching out and getting to know one’s local community.  Our students were able to appreciate the role that vegetables and flowers play in beautifying a school, while demonstrating a sense of responsibility to an area of San Francisco near the Hamlin campus.  We look forward to continuing this partnership and appreciate Sherman sharing their wonderful outdoor space with us.  Special thanks to Hamlin parent Meredith Dunn for helping to get the word out about community gardening, and Head of School, Wanda Holland Greene for forging this partnership.


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