Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 2/3/2015

CS_supporter_school-BIGGiven that adolescents are naturally eager for peer validation — precisely when they begin to use social tools that provide it — its encouraging to see kids having fun with the notion of perfection and starting to poke fun at those unattainable images.  It makes you realize just how powerful social media tools can be. While they foster relationships and engagement — and can even bolster self-esteem — they can be both constructive and destructive. That’s why you can’t leave it all up to kids to find their way. Whether your kids are just getting into social media or are seasoned posters, it’s critical to help guide them to use Snapchat, Instagram, and other networking apps for fun and connection and not as fuel for self-doubt. 

Help your kids stop the cycle of destructive comments and urge them to post constructive comments that support their friends for who they are, not what they look like.  Check out our blog on how girls are seeking (and subverting) approval on line and let’s start helping our kids to build up and not break down their self image.

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