Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 10/27/2014

CS_supporter_school-BIGA tip on explaining upsetting news to our kids:

Thousands Die Of Ebola In West Africa. ISIS Grows Its Ranks. Another Shooting Leaves Community Grieving. Disturbing news is everywhere; we see it in the morning paper, when we switch on the TV, and on our daily scroll through Facebook. Today’s kids are also surrounded by upsetting news. This constant stream of information shows up in sharable videos, posts, blogs, feeds, and alerts. Since many kids get information directly to their own smartphones and laptops, parents often aren’t around to immediately help their children make sense of horrendous situations. And because much of this content comes from sites that are designed for adults, what your kids see, hear, or read might not always be age appropriate. Check in with your kids about what they are seeing in the news, and remember that your kids will look to the way you handle your reactions to upsetting situations to determine their own approach. Check out Common Sense’s tips on Explaining the News to Our Kids.

Also, in honor of Halloween this Friday, Common Sense has put together a list of spooky media and non-related activities for the whole family. Check out our list of 31 Halloween Ideas for Kids to Play, Make, Eat, and Watch.

You can also check out Common Sense’s digital citizenship music videos, which address ways to be smart, safe, and responsible about technology. Their latest hip-hop video, Oversharing: Think Before You Post, raps the top 10 things to think about before posting, such as #1 Remember the Golden Rule, #2 Don’t Brag, and #3 Avoid TMI (too much information).

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