Lower School iPad expansion

We are very excited to add a class set of iPads to our classroom’s tools for teaching and learning this school year.  Our curriculum has not changed, it is not about the iPad – but is enhanced bScreen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.23.42 AMy the ability for every girl to use an iPad to integrate and individualize their learning through a variety of applications, readers, and tools.  We also believe this type of digital tool is, and will continue to be, an important skill for Hamlin girls to master in order to meet the challenges of their technologically rich time.

Technology, like the iPad, encourages educational independence, responsibility, teamwork skills, engaged learning, creativity, quality output and personal ownership.  We are encouraging and teaching the girls to be innovators with the iPad in what they are learning.  The Hamlin community is committed to supporting the girls in learning to use new technology while simultaneously teaching the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly digital world.  This happens with intention; under the watch of caring educators who value the rich array of teaching & learning tools at their disposal.  The Hamlin community is excited to embrace yet another tool that will enhance the experience of today’s learner.

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