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Grade 3 Students Perform “Cero” in Spanish

Members of Grade 3 recently performed in the play Cero. The performance was lauded by both parents and faculty members alike.

From Cero’s program:

This Third Grade Spanish play is the result of a collaborative and interdisciplinary project combining theater arts and Spanish. Students have worked on key elements of acting and staging during the rehearsal process. At the same time, the girls have been developing their fluency while using many new Spanish words and phrases within the context of telling a story. 

In addition to developing students’ language and acting skills, we hope that this project has enhanced the girls’ range of self-expression, confidence, and enjoyment of both Spanish and theater. 


Cero is a big, round number… but she feels empty on the inside. As Cero watches the other numbers count off, she wishes that she could count, too. But how can a number worth nothing count for something? 

No matter how much Cero tries to change her shape, she realizes that she will always be a zero.

Will Cero learn that everyone has value, no matter their shape or size?

Spanish Students Interpret Artwork

Grade 7 Hamlin Spanish students recently created a museum of Hispanic artists. Girls researched the lives of various artists and then wrote about one work of art and created a short biography about the life of their artist, employing art history vocabulary along with the use of the past tense. As part of the interdisciplinary Spanish and Art project, students role-played as Hispanic artists, interviewing each other about what inspired and defined their artwork. For the creative part of the project, students had the freedom to write a poem, take a photograph or paint a work of art similar to the original piece.

Above, Ava’s painting is on the left and Noé Canjura’s is on the right.

More of these beautiful art pieces are on display in the East Dining Room.

Hamlin Visits Preschoolers in the Mission

On May 9, Hamlin Grade 8 students visited Holy Family Day Home in the Mission, a nonprofit organization that we have worked with for the past 14 years. The visit was led by our middle school Spanish department.

Holy Family Day Home’s goal is to provide affordable, high quality, early childhood education and family support services in a stable and nurturing environment, thereby providing the children of working families skills and hope for lifelong development.  

Hamlin students began the morning by singing the song Cada Semilla to the preschoolers and playing Simon Says, all in Spanish. Our students were then paired up with different children to read books. Our girls brought their very own self-created books written in Spanish with beautiful handmade illustrations. After sharing these fantastic stories, everyone went outside to play. The joy and energy between the younger and older students was palpable. One Hamlin student shared, “I loved how creative and caring they were, I got so many hugs.”

After playtime, Hamlin students heard more about program specifics from members of Holy Family Day Home’s leadership team. They learned about the food pantry that provides nourishment for families in need, and the emphasis placed on seamlessly integrating homeless and non-homeless students into classrooms.

Below is a video of our students singing:

To learn more about Holy Family Day Home, please visit: https://holyfamilydayhome.org/

Asenaida Escober Speaks with Students about Honduras

Hamlin parent Asenaida Escober, shared her love of Honduras with Grade 7 students in Spanish class today. Speaking only in Spanish, Ms. Escober showed photos and described the geography and natural beauty of her home country. She also talked about colonial architecture, regional artwork, and traditional Mayan festivals.

After her presentation, students asked Ms. Escober a series of questions that they had prepared in Spanish. The following are a few of those questions:

-Do you have a favorite food dish from Honduras?

-Can you describe your favorite tradition from Honduras?

-Which animals live in Honduras?

-Would you like to live in Honduras again?

At the end of the class Ms. Escober provided students with some snacks typically enjoyed in Honduras.

This firsthand learning experience provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice their Spanish in a “real life” context.

Kiva Visits Grade 7 Hamlin Students

On March 21, our Spanish department hosted two representatives from Kiva, Catherine Vo and Olivia Cornfield. Kiva is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization with a global reach.  Kiva’s mission is to connect individual lenders with people around the world who need micro loans to improve their lives through small businesses, education, green energy, and a number of other projects.

Kiva relies on volunteer translators to communicate borrowers’ needs. Many seeking loans are from Spanish-speaking countries. Our Grade 7 students spent time in Spanish class learning about Kiva and using language skills to translate sample loan profiles from Spanish into English. This use of the Spanish language is powerful and allows students to apply their understanding of vocabulary to real life situations.

Ms. Cornfield and Ms. Vo shared a brief history of Kiva, highlighted borrower profiles, and shared specifics about three Kiva-supported organizations (Sanergy, Sistema Biobolsa, Solar Sister). Hamlin girls then asked questions about how borrowers are vetted and how repayment works.

The afternoon culminated with our students receiving codes in order to lend $25 to a borrower of their choice.

In video below, students are selecting a loan recipient:

To learn more about Kiva, please visit: https://www.kiva.org/


Making Mexican Cuisine in Spanish Class

Our Spanish department recently teamed up with Acre Gourmet and Tali Biale (Food Program Manager), to combine language learning with preparing Mexican cuisine. On February 13, Chef Jose Suarez (Acre), was interviewed by middle school students. They asked him a variety of questions in Spanish, learning about his Yucatan Peninsula origins and his favorite dessert (flan). In conjunction with the interview, Mr. Suarez showed students all of the ingredients needed to make Pico de Gallo.

On February 14, students worked in groups preparing Watermelon Agua Fresca and Fruit Salad, Salsa Verde with Avocado, Pico de Gallo, and Rice Pudding with Cinnamon and Vanilla. While making the dishes, students used their reading skills to follow the recipe in Spanish. As part of the lesson plan students also wrote down 4-5 Spanish words to describe the taste of food items.

This photo shows students creating rice pudding with cinnamon and vanilla.