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Camping in the Presidio with Grade 3

This week, students in Grade 3 explored and camped in the rustic nature of the Presidio.

Perched on​​ four wooded acres above Baker Beach at the Presidio’s highest point, Rob Hill is the only group campground in San Francisco. Here, you can see ​the lights of Sutro Tower, smell the ocean, and hear the owls in their Cypress roosts. It’s easy to see why people have been sleeping under the stars – fog-shrouded as they may be at times – here for generations, beginning with the Ohlone, the first inhabitants of this area.

Some highlights included: 

-Using teamwork to set up tents

-Creating artwork using objects found in nature

-Making and eating s’mores

-Going on hikes

-Spending time at the beach

-Bonding with friends

To learn more about camping at Rob Hill, please visit: https://www.presidio.gov/places/rob-hill-campground


8th Grade Returns to Mountain Lake

After two years the class of 2017 returns to Mountain Lake, deepening their citizen science partnership with the organization, be sure you look for the boards at the lake!