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Grade 7 Makes COVID-19 Time Capsules

We are living in historic times. With this in mind, Grade 7 students are documenting these days of quarantine to help inform their future selves. Using a written and visual format, students are recording several aspects of their current lives.

Some of the items students are putting in their time capsules are:

-Favorite things in their 2020 lives- pets, books, movies, friends

-Artistic creations, photos from this time, newspaper clippings, special memories

-Descriptions of how they are feeling and what they are learning from this experience

-Descriptions of their local community and how it has been impacted by COVID-19

-Descriptions of how they are continuing to have fun

-Descriptions of how special occasions are being celebrated- birthdays, Passover, Easter, etc.

A Letter To Self, imparting wisdom to remember (likely) emphasizing gratitude, patience, and other intrinsic lessons from this time period

Hamlin Makes Face Shields For Local Health Personnel

Hamlin has connected with other Bay Area Makers to 3D print PPE (protective personal equipment) Face Shield visors for our local health personnel working on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. They need as many shields as possible and we have risen to the challenge! One Hamlin parent, (Alex Belenson P ’23) even started a gofundme campaign and raised enough funds to purchase additional 3D printers to ramp up production and enough PLA filament to print the visors 24/7 for months to come. We are currently able to produce 9 visors a day.

Amanda Sammann, a trauma surgeon at UCSF/SF General and Director of the Better Lab, has approved the PPE Face Shield known as the Budmen design and is accepting them.

We are obviously not capable of sterile manufacturing but we do our best to ensure we don’t spread anything by removing the model from the 3D printer while wearing gloves and a mask and inserting the printed model into a plastic bag.

The first batch of 50 completed face shields was delivered last week to UCSF/SFGeneral emergency room. Special thanks to Diego Fonstad, Founder of Lectrify.it for connecting Hamlin to this meaningful project.

-Guest blog by Brian Louie (Hamlin Design and Maker Teacher)

More about our Maker Program at Hamlin:

The Hamlin School Maker Program is designed to deliver moments of impact where girls engage in real world problem solving through Human Centered Design Thinking. Students become problem seekers, focusing on community empathy and collaboration, using ongoing client feedback to drive the direction of their projects. Through their Maker work, our girls work diligently with tools, while developing a new lens by which to see possibility, adaptation, and innovation.

Dr. Diana Montgomery Speaks About COVID-19

On Wednesday afternoon, Hamlin parent Dr. Diana Montgomery met with Grade 7 students via Zoom to speak about COVID-19. Dr. Montgomery is a pediatrician with Private Medical and a Clinical Professor at UCSF.

Dr. Montgomery provided an overview of the COVID-19 pandemic and also delved into the scientific aspects of how the virus acts on a cellular level.

She made the following points among others:

-The vast majority of COVID-19 cases are mild, current statistics put that number at 80.9%

-Many of the COVID-19 symptoms are similar to the common cold and the flu

-COVID-19 is not as scary as Ebola, Smallpox, or MERS, but it is very contagious

-COVID-19 expands through exponential growth with infected people spreading the virus to an average of two people

-We must flattened the curve because our capacity to take care of sick people is not unlimited and can overwhelm local hospitals

-Data shows that physical distancing is working in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are effectively flattening the curve