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Student Ventures: Engaging Entrepreneurship

Thursday and Friday mornings the East Dining Room was packed with young Hamlin entrepreneurs and their adult mentors. Girls shared their various business plans, discussing things like market research, prototyping, identifying target audiences, and many other facets of launching a product. The mentors asked probing questions, providing guidance and encouragement.

The Student Ventures Program allows our students to sell their own creative items at this year’s Winterfest, December 7. Winterfest is Hamlin’s much-anticipated, magically festive annual event to celebrate community.

What is the purpose of this program?

-To create and develop a product
-To market and sell this product at Winterfest
-To learn about entrepreneurship
-To give back to Hamlin
-To earn a profit

How does it work?

-Interested students filled out an application
-Students applied as individuals or in groups
-All participants have a sponsoring adult (parent or guardian)
-Participants complete a business plan
-Students meet with Hamlin parent entrepreneurs to receive feedback and support
-All participants will have a selling space at the Winterfest marketplace

What products are being sold?

There are well over one hundred girls selling a variety of items. The major categories include:

-Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Food, Spa-related products, and Crafts

Our December 7 Winterfest takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., so don’t miss this opportunity to support our young entrepreneurs.

Hour of Code Week @Hamlin

The beginning of December brings a weeklong celebration of coding and STEM. Students in all grades Kindergarten through Grade 8 are participating in various activities centered on a dynamic exploration of technology and related fields. Our students join kids from around the globe in this engaging endeavor.

Throughout the week students are practicing their coding skills using the following:

Lightbot, Cargo-bot, Playgrounds, Code.org, Human Resource Machine, Kodable, App Lab, Dance Party, Blockly, Classic Maze, Compute it, and Conditionals with Cards.

On Wednesday morning we will welcome guest speaker, Jenny Wang. Ms. Wang is a computer science student at Harvard University, intern at POPSUGAR, director of Startup Girl, and board member for Shiffon Co. Jewelry.

For the 4th year running, The Hamlin School will celebrate STEMming the Gender Gap Day on Friday, December 7. The day is an opportunity to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education/careers for our students, while connecting with female tech leaders in the Bay Area. Hamlin girls will be able to observe, interact, and learn, as they prepare to be tomorrow’s tech innovators and help #StemGenderGap!

This year Hamlin is visiting a variety of fantastic Bay Area organizations; we are incredibly thankful for these partnerships.

Students in grades K-7 will have experiences at:

The Lawrence Hall of Science, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, The Exploratorium, Salesforce, POPSUGAR, Eventbrite, HoneyBook, UCSF, USS Hornet, Tesla, Apple, Brightwheel, California Academy of Sciences and Sentry

Students in Grade 8 will have the opportunity to learn from the following speakers on campus:

Sali Christenson, Founder of Argent
Patricia Santos, CEO and Co-Founder of Volition Beauty
Heidi Zak, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Thirdlove
Eurie Kim, Investor at Forerunner Ventures
Kathryn Duryea, Founder and CEO of Year & Day
Steph Palmeri, Partner at Uncork Capital
Lauren Loktev, Partner at Collaborative Fund
Sara Adler, Partner at Wave Capital


Pinterest Executive Speaks at Hamlin

On Wednesday, Dutta Satadip spoke with Grade 7 students about his personal and professional journey, sharing wisdom from his life.

Dutta Satadip is the Global Head of Customer Operations at Pinterest. Prior to Pinterest, he was the Director of Customer Success at Google. He was responsible for a multi-billion dollar portfolio of over 150 products with teams in 15 different offices. Mr. Satadip has worked extensively in both developed and emerging countries. Mr. Satadip frequently speaks at major conferences (including TEDx) on topics such as: Customer Experience, Operations, Change Management and Leadership. He also shares his experiences via articles in publications like Harvard Business Review, and Strategy and Business. He has served on the board of the National Hemophilia Foundation and Save One Life.

Below are a few highlights from what Mr. Satadip shared:

-(In a corporate setting) “Don’t wait to be included, make your voice heard. It is one thing to have good ideas, but you have to be able to share them.”

-“My grandfather was a huge influence on me, he broadened my view of the world and made me curious.”

-“After graduating from college it is very important to set personal learning goals so you can continue to grow.”

-“When you ask for help, there are lots of people who will step forward to help you, but you have to ask.”

-“Find your supporters, the people who believe in you.”

-“Two crucial skills for the future are: understanding and processing numbers, and building relationships with people.”


Student Products Featured at Winterfest

Through our new Student Ventures Program, girls will be selling their own creative products at this year’s Winterfest on December 8. Winterfest is Hamlin’s much-anticipated, magically festive annual event to celebrate community.

Keep an eye out for the following goods created by students in Grades K-6:

Pet Toys, Jewelry, Baked Goods, Slime Kits, Henna, School Supplies, Dog Treats, Personalized Shoelaces, Bracelets, Luggage Tags, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Candy and Accessories

To learn more about Student Ventures, please visit: http://www.hamlinblog.org/blog/2018/09/12/hamlin-student-ventures-entrepreneurship-in-action/