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Hamlin Students Host 2nd Annual Girls Film Festival

For the second year in a row, Hamlin students Ella, Maggie, Charlotte and Caitlin took the stage in Noe Valley to welcome films and filmmakers from all over the world. This year’s event had movies submitted by girls from Croatia, Germany, India, and Canada (among others). 240 people were in attendance to enjoy short films made by girls 14 years and under.

Indigo, a Grade 8 Hamlin student opened the show with her film Not on the Screen that confronts stereotypes and the lack of ethnic diversity in Hollywood. Another highlight was guest speaker and filmmaker Samantha Grant, who urged the audience to have courage, take risks, show your soul, and put your work out there. San Francisco Supervisor Jeff Sheehy presented the Noe Valley Girls Film Festival team with a certificate of honor signed by the entire Board of Supervisors, acknowledging their contribution to the community.

Establishing such a successful film festival is quite an endeavor. The girls raised over $4,000 from bake sales; cold called real estate businesses to gain sponsors, designed t-shirts, formatted films, and maintained ongoing communication with both filmmakers and judges.

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Acre Gourmet Brings Nourishing Food To Hamlin

The school year is off and running, propelled by the new nutritious energy of Acre Gourmet, a socially responsible, environmentally conscious purveyor of all that is good to eat in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The move to Acre Gourmet was made after many months of thoughtful consideration. Below is an excerpt of a letter from Hamlin’s Head of School, Wanda M. Holland Greene.

By the time one Kindergarten girl finishes Grade 8 at Hamlin (in June 2026!), she will have eaten well over 1500 school lunches in our dining rooms! Wow. That’s 1500 not-to-be-missed opportunities to strengthen her body and mind with healthy and nutritious meals. That’s also 1500 important opportunities for her to experience new types and combinations of freshly prepared food. Perhaps most importantly, that’s 1500+ daily opportunities for a girl to strengthen her connection to her Hamlin sisters and deepen her appreciation of the incredible abundance of the natural world that we are so fortunate to live with here in the Bay Area.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the food we offer daily at Hamlin has a profound impact on the growth and development of our girls’ bodies and minds. That is why we have spent the last fourteen months taking a hard look at our food program, to understand how it can rise to the same level of excellence and positive impact that we expect from all areas of our educational program.

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Arianna Huffington Speaks at Hamlin Graduation

On June 16, Hamlin’s class of 2017 graduated on a beautiful late spring San Francisco day. We were honored to have Arianna Huffington give the keynote address. Arianna Huffington is a Greek American author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. Huffington was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post.

Before Ms. Huffington’s speech, graduating students Maya P., Sarah H., and Ava L., spoke eloquently about fearlessness, common humanity, and the Hamlin creed. Ms. Huffington then shared several poignant remarks, many focused on how self-care and success go hand and hand.

She made the following points (among others):

-We need to take better care of ourselves than our smart phones.

-We need to change our language, no more “you snooze, you lose.”

-Get more sleep, sleep makes everything better, your social life and your grades.

-At night, turn off all your devices, gently escort them out of your bedroom.

-We are all addicted to our devices.

-The deepest wisdom and creativity comes from disconnecting from our devices.

-I have a quote by Rumi by my bedside, “Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor.”

-Life is shaped from the inside out, this is validated by modern science.

-Stay connected to the essence of who you are, your wisdom, where everything is possible.

Ms. Huffington concluded by stating, attend to your well-being, don’t let life’s mystery pass you by.

In Ms. Holland Greene’s closing words she said, how will you use your privilege to help others?      History has its eyes on you.

Click below to watch Ms. Huffington’s speech:




Wonderland Film: Starring Audrey Hui, ’16

We had a chance to catch up with Audrey Hui, ’16 and learn about her passion for acting. Audrey is currently attending San Francisco University High School and recently played the role of Adeline in the short film, Wonderland.

Stranded in Sin City for Christmas, 12-year-old Adeline struggles to keep her mother’s gambling under control, all for the promise of a perfect family holiday once her father arrives.

Wonderland was filmed in Las Vegas, and was directed by Tiffanie Hsu. Audrey had the opportunity to act in the film with her mother Joan Chen. Ms. Chen has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows during her illustrious career.

During our conversation, Audrey shared the following:

I enjoy acting, it is a passion of mine, I love being different characters, the entire process, learning lines, blocking, I like all of it. 

My mom doesn’t have a “normal” job, I get to see a different her, her passion, her intensity. I get to witness her serious dedication, she helps me better understand how my character feels. My mom guides me, I can take constructive criticism from her well. It can also be weird, we will be happy off camera, then have a tense scene where I have to be mad at her.

Mainstream movies have barely any Chinese women in lead roles. I want to see Chinese women play roles beyond being a sidekick or best friend. So many movies use Asian stereotypes and portray characters the same way in every film, if they are even represented at all. 

Hamlin shaped me, a lot of who I am right now is thanks to Hamlin. 

To watch the trailer for Wonderland, please visit:

Below is brief video of Audrey speaking about Wonderland:


Coding & Robotics @ Hamlin

The video below demonstrates some of the different tools that we use to teach coding, robotics, and computational thinking here at Hamlin:

To learn more about our work see our Scope & Sequence here.

Candace Yu ’96 Speaks about YouTube for Good

On May 25, Hamlin alumna board member Candace Yu ’96 spoke with current 7th graders about her work with YouTube for Good. 7th graders are embarking on their Rising to the Challenge projects next week, so the timing was perfect for learning about the power of video to communicate important ideas.

What you do as a single individual matters,” Ms. Yu stated. She learned this from her Grade 4 Women in History project, where she represented Eleanor Roosevelt. Ms. Yu went on to share other facets of her life, playing basketball at Hamlin, an internship with the office of Dianne Feinstein, jobs focused on election policy and international security in Washington, D.C., spending time working both in the Obama White House, and at the Pentagon. Throughout her journey she has never lost sight of her mission to “always help others.

Ms. Yu then showed a couple of short videos explaining how YouTube brings nonprofits to their platform to tell stories about both local (finding homes for lost dogs in California) and global (spreading awareness about the war in Syria) issues. With more than 1 billion users and more than 1 billion hours of video watched each day, it is clear that the YouTube platform is enormous and impactful.

Ms. Yu went on to speak briefly about her role at YouTube for Good where she is part of the breaking news and crisis response teams, while also working with documentaries that address social/environmental topics like global warming. After her presentation, Ms. Yu fielded many thoughtful student questions.

For more information about YouTube for Good, please visit:

Below is a video of Candace Yu taken earlier this school year:

Jan Micha Women in History Program

When you walk a mile in the footsteps of greatness, you too can become great. For many years Grade 4 Hamlin students have taken the stage in front of their peers and parents, giving voice to inspiring women who came before them. Students select a woman from history, do extensive research from multiple sources, then embody that person, presenting in character with substance, poise and eloquence. When Hamlin alumnae come back to visit, they often cite their Women in History presentation as an enduring hallmark of their education.

This year students are representing the following women:

Suffragists, Abolitionists, and Social Activists:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Angela Davis

Educators, Writers, and Journalists:

Martha Foote Crow, Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller, Mercy Otis Warren, Barbara Walters, Nellie Bly, Ida Tarbell


Margaret E. Knight, Mary Edwards Walker, Laurie Marker, Sylvia Earle, Matilda Moldenhauer Brooks, Rachel Carson, Elizabeth Blackwell, Dian Fossey, Helen Fairchild, Clara Barton

Mathematicians and Computer Scientists:

Grace Hopper, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson

Visual Artists and Performing Artists:

Maya Lin, Harriet Powers, Marian Anderson, Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Temple, Misty Copeland, Isadora Duncan


Wilma Rudolph, Katherine Switzer, Cathy Reese, Bethany Hamilton


Christina Tosi, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Juliette Gordon Low, Oprah Winfrey


Deborah Sampson, Sybil Ludington, Belle Boyd, Queen Liliuokalani, Madeleine Albright, Abigail Adams, Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt

Hamlin 6th Grader Wins “Growing Up Asian in America” Contest

Hamlin 6th grader Abbie C., recently had her awards ceremony for placing first for her poster artwork in the annual Growing Up Asian in America contest. Abbie gave a confident acceptance speech about the theme of food insecurity for children (her poster about the topic appears above).

Abbie has entered this contest every year since second grade. Each year she has placed or received an honorable mention. This is the second time Abbie’s poster has won first place in her age category.

Growing Up Asian in America provides a unique platform for young people to creatively explore and celebrate being both Asian or Pacific Islander and American.

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Hamlin: A Bright Schools National Finalist

Hamlin 7th graders Sofia M. and Jacqueline F. were recently named National Finalists in the Bright Schools Competition.

Their project, How will blue light emitted from iPads affect how you learn and sleep? is one of 50 National Finalists in the Innovative STEM Competition for Students in Grades 6-8.

Sofia M. and Jacqueline F., along with their teacher Melissa Alfred, have been named national finalists in the 2nd annual Bright Schools Competition™. The competition is a collaborative effort of the National Sleep Foundation and the National Science Teachers Association that encourages students in grades 6-8 to explore the correlation between light and sleep and how it influences student health and performance.

“The Bright Schools Competition is a celebration of the talent and ingenuity of our youth, providing students with a unique opportunity to think critically while exploring the connection between light and sleep,” said NSTA Executive Director Dr. David Evans. “Congratulations to all of the national finalists for their hard work, enthusiasm, and imaginative ideas.”

Under the mentorship of an adult coach/teacher, teams of two to four students identify, investigate, and research an issue related to light and sleep as it pertains to their community and/or young adolescents. Using scientific inquiry or engineering design concepts, teams develop a prototype, create an awareness campaign, or write a research proposal for the competition. Each team then submits a written report detailing their project along with a three-minute video showcasing their investigation. Projects are evaluated on the basis of several criteria, including scientific accuracy, innovativeness, and potential impact.

More information about the competition is available at


Reflecting on a Hamlin Education

On May 9th, Hamlin welcomed back six members of the class of 2013. These intelligent young women reflected on their Hamlin education in front of an audience of faculty members, staff and trustees. Hamlin’s Head of School, Wanda Holland Greene, led a vibrant and insightful discussion, asking the students about their time at Hamlin related to: feminism, their core values, their academic preparation, and their passions. Below are some of their thoughts.


-I find myself still thinking about lessons learned from 4th grade. My beliefs are secure, I’m not scared to express what I believe.

-Hamlin taught me to cultivate a viewpoint and stand with it. I also know that I have a community of women to fall back on.

-When I think about why I’m a feminist, I think about Hamlin. Today I feel more comfortable bringing up feminism in a classroom discussion.

-Hamlin taught me how to lean in to discomfort and gave me the tools to later comprehend intersectional feminism; the understanding that there are overlapping systems of discrimination in our society.

Core Values:

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