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Grade 2 Hosts A Poetry Cafe

Classmates and family members gathered last week in Grade 2 to enjoy a wonderful poetry reading. Each girl read a poem she had written, then everyone sipped hot chocolate and read more student work.

Below is an example of one poem that was shared by Carine:


The leaves
In the night.
In the morning,
The wind
To them,
The leaves,
Rustle back.
Leaves, Rustle
Wind, Whispers

Grade 3: California Painting and Poetry

I am big and strong
I hold up the snow
Up Up Up

I provide water
Growing crops
Helping California

I smell fresh
The mist blowing overhead

I am the princess of the sky
My tips pointed up

I am still
Solid stone

I am thunder
Water trickling down me

I am nature’s wonderland
Full of beautiful plants

I have great big

I am born
Of rocks

I am Sierra


Grade 7 Explores Poetry in Social Studies

Grade 7 students are writing American History-themed poems in their Social Studies class. As a warm up activity girls wrote a free write with the prompt, Poetry is. In less than five minutes Emily M. wrote the above poem.