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Cooking For Wellness

We are continuing our Faculty Wellness Wednesdays online. This week faculty members shared their cooking explorations.

Ms. Biale wrote the following to encourage participation.

There is one thing that I think being quarantined is actually really good for and that’s cooking homemade meals. And, as I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear, I strongly believe that cooking can really help our physical and emotional wellness. Whether you are pulling out those multi-step, complicated recipes that you’ve been saving, trying to replicate a dish from your favorite restaurant, or just cooking your usual fare, let’s see your cooking photos!

Plants to Pizza: Cooking in Grade 2

Guest post by Natalie in Grade 2 

For our last Living Wall project, Grade 2 planted herbs and cooked or baked with them. On Monday (5/6), Ms. Biale gave us a bunch of different recipes and each group used their herb as the main ingredient. We made lemon-verbena scones, peppermint lemonade, mini-pizzas with oregano, rosemary shortbread, and cucumber chive sandwiches. I was in the pizza group. Chopping up the oregano was pretty hard because we got the tomato sauce all over the place and it was slippery to cut. After the food was baked and cooked, we celebrated in our class by having a garden party and ate or drank everything we made. It was delicious! My favorite part was eating the food. From now on, I will make pizza at home with my oregano.

Hamlin’s New Food and Cooking Elective

This year, students participated in Hamlin’s new Food & Cooking elective. Girls learned all the basic skills required to cook delicious, homemade meals. They developed their own recipes and learned about various food topics, from seasonal produce and whole grains to the cultural histories and identities behind favorite dishes.

As the class wrapped up, the Grade 8 Food & Cooking elective invited the whole 8th grade to come taste what they made.

Below was the menu:

Soy glazed turkey meatballs with scallions and parsley
Tofu and pork dumplings with cabbage and carrots
Bean & Cheese burritos with homemade churros
Homemade pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese
Grilled teriyaki chicken skewers with veggie fried rice

Ten Grade 7 girls will be taking this elective in February.

Special thanks to Wanda M. Holland Greene who generously shared her kitchen with our students.