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Hamlin Turns Old Uniforms Into Art

Over the years, Ms. Ching has supervised the lost and found bins. Among the many items discovered in the bins are Hamlin uniforms. Periodically these old uniforms are shredded in order to make space for other things. As students learn to recycle, reuse and repurpose to help save the planet, it became evident that these abandoned Hamlin uniforms could be turned into something beautiful and artistic. Grade 7 art students selected one of these middies and created a unique self-portrait using symbols, words, and images. Designs were embroidered on the shirts, giving new life to these forgotten articles of clothing.

Thank you, Ms. Ching for your support of this art project and for your vigilance in finding homes for all the lost and found items.

Building A Butterfly

Guest post from a Grade 5 Hamlin School student writing about her recent art project:

While I was researching, I discovered many interesting facts about the monarch butterfly. I learned that they can travel up to 3,000 miles while migrating, they can’t fly in the rain because their wings will get too heavy, so they have to wait the rain out. Also, I learned that they are called king of butterflies, hence the name monarch. Additionally, I learned that caterpillars gain about 2,700 times their original weight, and monarch butterflies don’t have lungs, they breathe through their scales!

I loved seeing this project in different stages. One challenge that I had was that the shapes of my creature were specific and detailed, so it was hard fitting the pieces into the collage. To help me with this problem, I used the scissors to make the shapes. Although this was challenging, I enjoyed putting the pieces on because it was really cool to see the colors and contrast come together. One thing that I was surprised about was how easily you could see the butterfly on my collage. I was pleased about how it came out because it looked pretty realistic and the colors looked really nice together.



The Hamlin Ocean: Merging of Art & Science

The Hamlin Ocean is an interdisciplinary, cross grade level collaboration of young artists and scientists created for this year’s Ocean Awareness eco-theme.

Using recyclable materials, Kindergarten artists created papier maché sea turtles, penguins, dolphins, and seals. In science class, they learned about the layers of the ocean, and made intertidal zone animals.

First Grade scientists sewed bioluminescent fish with adaptations for survival using copper tape, LED lights, coin cell batteries, and felt. In art class, they designed ceramic dolphin and penguin bells.

Second Grade artists designed bioluminescent jellyfish using recycled vinyl and paper lanterns. In science, they experimented with neutral buoyancy and plankton.

Using recycled cardboard and paint, Third Grade artists engineered sea creatures in relief sculpture. In science, they added circuitry to the sculptures using copper tape, LED stickers, and coin cell batteries.

Fourth Grade artists studied the texture and shape of starfish and created ceramic starfish sculptures. In science, they learned about Dr. Sylvia Earle’s ocean exploration and used Book creator, Pages, or Canva to make posters with inspiring quotes and facts.

This beautifully intricate display will be showing in Mckinne Lounge through our Earth Day celebration on April 27.

You can see the underwater world in this video: