Hamlin Celebrates Spirit Week Online

Distance learning doesn’t mean that our Hamlin spirit has diminished. This week students celebrate Spirit Week virtually by wearing spirited outfits to Zoom classes. The above photo is of the Banana Biales for Tuesday’s advising theme.

Below are the various spirit day themes:

Red and Gold Monday – Dress up for red and gold day to support your color team from home on Monday!

Advising Theme/Mascot Tuesday – Coordinate with your homeroom/advisory on a theme that you will all dress up as on Tuesday! Consider dressing up as an advising mascot or something that represents the name of your advising. 

 Wacky Wednesday – Dress up in the wackiest, craziest clothes you can find on Wednesday! You can wear funky patterns, mismatched socks, and much more. 

Meme Thursday – On Thursday, dress up like your favorite internet meme! Please make sure it is school appropriate.

Formal Friday – Dress up on Friday in formal attire!

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