Distance Learning @Hamlin

On Tuesday of this week The Hamlin School began distance learning. This shift took place after several hours of planning and faculty training on tools like Zoom. With diligence we have been able to maintain the continuity of our educational program.

In Grade 7, Social Studies students are notified via Zoom that their class is starting. Girls quickly log into Zoom and are able to see their teacher and classmates. Classes are able to have meaningful discussions, review textbook work, and will be engaging in collaborative projects. Classes are often a hybrid, with part of the class taking place online and another part completed independently.

Students would rather be at our physical school, but when asked about the “silver lining” of this experience, students mentioned several positive aspects. They are: spending more time with family, reading more paper books because of disliking screens and technology, sleeping later, experiencing less stress because their schedules are not as busy, eating snacks whenever they want, and having time to make friendship bracelets.

To learn more about the Zoom experience, please visit: https://zoom.us/


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