Amazing Science: STEM Night 2020

During the month of January Grade 8 students followed their scientific passions, created their own experiments, and learned a ton in the process. All of the hard work and investigation concluded Thursday with STEM Night.

The days leading up to STEM Night were an opportunity to go through the science exploration process, consider multiple proposals, then practice failing and trying again through many iterations (in some cases 15+).

All the projects involved energy/force in some way, working in the realms of physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Grade 4 also presented “The Physics of Sound.” The big and little sisters were able to share their projects with each other earlier in January and both grades (8 and 4) presented on STEM Night together.

Our students delved into the following projects (among others):

-Moon plants

-Iodine clock

-Plant light box

-Chladni patterns

-Pennies to gold

-Lemonade bubbles

-Invisible fire extinguisher

-Tea bag rockets


-Optical illusion tunnel

-Magnetic slime

-Hamster wheel generator

-Tactile dome

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