Passion Project Winner: Hannah Do

Lifelong learning spurs excellence, growth, and renewal. This year, The Hamlin School is supporting eclectic faculty-inspired passion projects. Faculty members were encouraged to brainstorm something they are excited to explore or learn. They then submitted their ideas to the administration. At the start of all-faculty events one winner is selected to receive $250 to “take their passion and make it happen.” Mark Picketts (Director of Program and Professional Development) adopted this idea from a school that he visited in Utah. Areas of interest range from a teacher hoping to take a glass-blowing class, to another faculty member who would love to do a fly-fishing clinic.

There have already been four lucky winners. Recently, Hannah Do (Grade 4 Associate Teacher) was selected. Ms. Do’s family comes from Vietnam. She is excited to take some classes to work on her Vietnamese language skills.

“This passion project will allow me to work on developing my accent in Vietnamese. I’m looking forward to becoming more fluent in the language of my family.”

The next passion project drawing is coming soon, who will be our next winner?

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