Parents Explore Social and Emotional Learning

This week Middle and Lower School parents delved into better understanding how to support their daughters through a social and emotional learning lens. The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL) led two thoughtful morning workshops on the subject.

Among other topics, the workshops provided information about the following:

-Reflective listening guidelines for parents, sharing examples like: Tell me more about, I wonder what was meant by, It sounds like, So, as you see it….

-Understanding roadblocks and freeways to communication

-Accepting Ourselves and Our Young Children: Notes for Parenting with Skills that Embrace Social and Emotional Learning

-IFSEL’s Twelve Top Tips for Parenting Adolescents

-IFSEL Conflict Resolution & Relationship Repair

To see the presentation slides and a recording of the workshops (only available to Hamlin Parents), please visit:

-These workshops were made possible through the generosity of the fall golf fundraiser. Thank you to all who contributed to that successful event.

For more information about the IFSEL, please visit:


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