Carnaval de Hamlin

On Wednesday night students, parents, and faculty members gathered to celebrate San Francisco’s Latin American heritage. Guests tasted traditional foods like pupusas and tamales, while listening to a live band. There was also a performance by Hamlin’s capoeira students. This festive event was enjoyed by over 140 people.

Carnaval de Hamlin was created by our PLAID parent group.

PLAID is a Hamlin Parent Association group focused on educating our community about diversity and promoting an inclusive environment. We seek to broaden perspectives and experiences via cultural events, dialogues and films, and deepen connections at Hamlin by fostering open dialogue and celebrating our commonalities and differences. 

Be sure to join PLAID’s next event, a celebration of Diwali on November 8.

To learn more about PLAID, please visit:



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