Elsa and Jarron Collins: Activism, NBA and Parenting

Monday night, Hamlin parents and faculty members gathered to learn from a dynamic and altruistic power couple, Elsa and Jarron Collins. The evening was our first PLAID event centered on this year’s school theme, What You Do Matters.

PLAID’s mission is to support a vibrant and inclusive environment in which all members of the community can celebrate their authentic selves. We foster open dialogue through family programs, parent education, and community outreach.

Raised on both sides of the border (San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico), Elsa Collins was the fifth of five children. Both her parents were born in Mexico. She is a first generation college graduate. She earned her BA in Communications and a MA in Sociology from Stanford University (where she met Jarron). She then pursued a JD from Columbia Law School.

Ms. Collins is the Co-founder of The Ideateur, a social impact and political consulting group focused on sports, culture and the entertainment space, helping clients construct a strategy to address the issues they care about. She works closely with groups like My Brother’s Keeper, Voto Latino, and Rock the Vote, fighting for equality in all spheres.

Jarron Collins is an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors, having joined the team prior to the 2014-15 Championship campaign as a player development coach. Collins played 10 seasons in the NBA with the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers.

Collins attended Stanford University, where he was a two-time All-American and finished his Stanford career in the top ten all time in four career categories: rebounds, blocked shots, field-goal percentage and games played.

Elsa and Jarron Collins shared thoughts about: raising children of color (they have two daughters and a son), being activist community members, and how professional athletes can develop and use their platforms for the benefit of others.

The following is some of what they shared:

In the coming days, I’m taking 45 celebrities from Los Angeles across the border to Tijuana to visit deported people in detention centers. The purpose of the trip is to learn and share, it’s not about politics it’s about humanity. What you do matters, not just words, actions. -EC

Doing good takes time, money and effort. If you can’t do good on a large scale, what are you doing in your own home? -EC

It is important to talk to your kids about race and class, if you aren’t doing it, someone else is. -EC/JC

I’m so glad that athletes are using their platforms to address topics they care about, they are educated on the subjects and are poignant; they are able to speak a truth for others who can’t speak to a large audience. -JC

It is never too early to incorporate diversity into the lives of your children; What dolls are you buying them? What books? What types of people are they meeting? You can be purposeful in sharing a diverse world with them. -EC

Steve Kerr has frank and open discussions with players. He’ll never say, “You can’t say this.” Our players (The Warriors) feel empowered, if they want to say something they will. When Steph (Curry) says something, it comes from his educated and informed opinion. -JC

Sports have meant a lot to me in my life, relationships, network, life lessons, time management, understanding dedication. -JC

I let my African-American son know that he can’t make mistakes that other kids make. He needs to do things better and be aware of his surroundings. Like my grandmother said, “Your reputation will go places you will never go. Carry yourself accordingly.” -JC

To learn more about The Ideateur, please visit: https://www.theideateur.com/











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