Hamlin Teachers Present Action-Research Projects

For the second year, Hamlin teachers delved into reflective learning through inquiry projects that they personally designed. Teachers used data, research, and reflection, to investigate, modify, and improve their teaching practice. 24 teachers participated in the Inquiry Project Year, sharing their findings with colleagues at a year-end celebration on June 14. This reflective work serves to make Hamlin a learning institution that continues to grow and strive for excellence in a variety of areas.

The following are just some of the topics that were covered:

Michelle Lovejoy and Rachel Davis developed an interactive Outdoor Ed portal on Hamlinet that shares photos, videos, and other content from all outdoor ed trips.

Gillian Curran designed part of STEM Night to center her classroom on student-led teaching and student-created materials.

Kylie Cobb and Alison Kutnick created an interdisciplinary Social Emotional Unit of Study, specifically for Grade 1, in order to provide students with tools and life skills to support themselves in 6 focus areas: Friendships, Kindness and Respect, Conflict Resolution, Building Confidence, Feelings, Mindfulness, and Resilience.

Maggie Jo Feldman and Jane Hillegas-Stommel collaborated to create a publicly-available self-guided tour and activity for students visiting Coit Tower.

Nick Wilsey worked to redesign Grade 5 math homework, using Dreambox to assign adaptive homework tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

Christina Kane worked to unify the Spanish department pedagogically by investigating the Communicative Approach, this pedagogy believes that students learn language best when they have to communicate real meaning. This approach focuses on creating a student-centered classroom environment that makes learning more conversational.

Heidi Abbott created a personal wellness plan to promote her healthiest self so that she can do her best work. Based on her professional goals, she focused on physical health, mindfulness, stress reduction, time management, and work-life balance.




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