Hamlin Dancers Perform at City College of San Francisco

On the night of December 9, a group of talented Grade 8 students took the stage with the Ultimate Alliance Dance Company and Bay Area Flash Mob, on the campus of San Francisco’s City College. They dazzled the audience of 150 people while performing with college age dancers from the Strong Pulse Dance Crew. Hamlin girls shared the stage with the six older dancers and their teacher, Ms. Kirstin Williams. The experience gave Hamlin students the opportunity to participate in the show and absorb a variety of dance genres (Hip-Hop, Contemporary, B-Girl, B-Boy), while seeing mixed-aged artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The evening could not have happened without the leadership of Hamlin faculty member, Ms. Williams, who created and designed the entire event. Ms. Williams held countless hours of rehearsal time in preparation for the performance.

Williams states, I was so impressed by their dedication and commitment to really want to learn the choreography. A majority of my 19 students had never done dance before, and it was new to them. They were nervous, but they transcended, the experience unified and inspired them. 

Ms. Williams went on to share: this work is about integrating communities, bringing people together, working well together, and inspiring each other.

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