Hamlin Students Win NASA’s Optimus Prime Challenge

Students were asked to use their imagination and creativity to identify NASA Spinoff technology in their everyday world. Items such as memory foam, invisible braces, firefighting equipment, artificial limbs, scratch-resistant lenses, aircraft anti-icing systems, shoe insoles, water filters/purification, cochlear implants, satellite television, and long-distance telecommunications were first developed for a NASA mission and then, re-worked to make everyday life easier.

To display their research and ideas, students used a combination of text, images and videos, to create a Glogster Multimedia Poster. This poster was submitted and the student ideas shared with NASA.

The two winning Hamlin 7th graders (Alexa T. and Ellie J.) researched Thermawing technology, which prevents plane wings from freezing. They redesigned it to be put in greenhouses to keep crops from freezing in the winter. They also made a physical model of their spinoff creation.

Along with their teacher, they won an all expense paid trip to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland on June 21st-22nd. This includes NASA workshops and the NASA OPSPARC Awards Ceremony.

To view their Glogster poster with detailed information and videos, please visit: http://edu.glogster.com/glog/thermawing-greenhouse-thermabed/2ljsmahbdf7

For more information about the the challenge, please visit: https://nasaopsparc.com/overview/

Special thanks to Hamlin teacher Melissa Alfred, for her leadership and support of this project.


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