Earth Day: The Future of Food

Last Friday we celebrated Earth Day with a myriad of activities that engaged and educated students. In the build up to Earth Day we explored The Future of Food through conversations, videos, and a hands on project that measured how much food is wasted each day at Hamlin.

We investigated the following questions (among others): How is our food made and how far does it travel? Why are we wasting so much food? Why doesn’t everyone have access to healthy food? What can we do with excess and imperfect food? How can we help those who can’t afford food?

The following array of events took place:

-Students watched part of the film, Just Eat It

-Students did food-related book illustrations with Ms. Quackenbush

-Students dyed reusable shopping bags with Ms. Drabman

-Students created Ugly Fruit stop motion visuals with Ms. Beck

-Students created Ugly Fruit portraits with Ms. Cobar

-Students created Ugly Fruit Public Service Announcements with Ms. Conger and Ms. Davis

-Students tasted various juices from the Ugly Juice company

-Students listened to speakers from Imperfect Produce and Ugly Juice

-Students mapped where their food comes from

-Students listened to Charity and the JAMband sing about food-related topics

-Below is an example of a student-created PSA using ChatterPix:

-Special thanks to all the faculty members who helped make Earth Day happen, especially Amy Conger and Willow Hagge.

Below are links related to our Earth Day:



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