Hamlin 3rd Graders Speak about Dolores Huerta

Today four Hamlin 3rd graders spoke in front of the entire lower school about the importance of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez. The presentation was given in both Spanish and English. Two students spoke in character as both Chavez and Huerta.

They shared the following (among other points):

-Huerta and Chavez drove from farm to farm and town to town speaking to people about the need for better working conditions and the need for children of farmworkers to attend school

-Chavez went on hunger strikes to bring attention to the plight of farmworkers

Si Se Puede or Yes We Can became the mantra of the organized farmworkers

-To show support for farmworkers, Californians boycotted grapes, strawberries, and lettuce

-The United Farmworkers marched 340 miles from Delano to Sacramento to champion the rights of workers

-March 31st is the birthday of Cesar Chavez and is recognized as a California State holiday

Special thanks to Judy Ching and Kate McGinnis for helping to organize this thoughtful assembly.

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