Hamlin Shows the Film: San Francisco 2.0

On Wednesday morning a group of Hamlin parents gathered to watch the thought-provoking film, San Francisco 2.0.

The film was put on by PLAID, a Hamlin parent group whose mission “is to support a vibrant and inclusive environment in which all members of the Hamlin community can celebrate their authentic selves.” PLAID “fosters open dialogue through family programs, parent education, and community outreach.”

In SAN FRANCISCO 2.0, Alexandra Pelosi (HBO’s Emmy®-winning “Journeys with George”) returns to her hometown to document what the tech boom has in store for this historically progressive city, talking to various industry representatives, politicians and longtime residents hoping to maintain their place and not be left behind. Directed, produced and filmed by Pelosi, this insightful film looks at the price of progress, and the challenges of holding onto a collective past.

The film makes the following points among others:

-San Francisco has been in the midst of a digital gold rush

-San Francisco government has given tax breaks to encourage technology companies to move to the Tenderloin district

-The working class of San Francisco is being pushed out

-The gap between the rich and poor is growing at an unprecedented rate

-Ellis Act evictions have been rising (The Ellis Act is a state law which says that landlords have the right to evict tenants in order to “go out of business”. All units in the building must be cleared of all tenants- no one can be singled out. Most often it is used to convert to condos or group-owned tenancy-in-common flats.)

-San Francisco is a microcosm of the rest of the world, we as a society are becoming communities segregated by economic class

-Technology companies make their own systems, circumvent regulation, and change the rules of the game

After the film there was a rich discussion that explored topics ranging from national politics to local economics. Hamlin parents shared personal perspectives and engaged one another in meaningful discourse that served to connect our community.

To learn more about San Francisco 2.O, please visit: http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/san-francisco-2-0





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