Hamlin Hosts Yoga For Good on International Women’s Day

On March 8th Hamlin celebrated International Women’s Day by participating in Yoga For Good.

Hamlin and the sixth grade class of ’19 hosted Yoga for Good to raise awareness about OneProsper (the nonprofit sponsoring Yoga For Good), an organization that is helping to fund rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation systems for women in the Thar Desert of India. As a result, women will be able to grow organic pomegranates for international markets, enabling them to spend more time on their children’s nutrition and education. Hamlin students have been studying India as part of their 6th grade social studies curriculum. This work has helped to enrich and strengthen their understanding of that region.

6th graders introduced the yoga sessions, explaining the importance of both International Women’s Day and Yoga For Good. Hamlin faculty members Kirstin Williams and Amy Conger then led students through yoga classes emphasizing both breathing and various poses. In the afternoon, parents, faculty members, and alumnae had the opportunity to meet to Raju Agarwal, the founder of OneProsper.

Below is a brief video of Hamlin 5th graders participating in Yoga For Good:

Special thanks to 6th grade teacher Heather Smith who helped organize this event.

For more information about OneProsper, please visit: http://www.oneprosper.org/


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