Common Sense Media Tip of the Week 01/16

digital_citizenship-certified_school-med CS_supporter_school-BIG-300x62Let’s be clear: No one needs a robot. Or a rubber ducky that puts your baby to sleep. But it might be nice to have a gadget do your parenting work for you once in a while — especially after a long day. Now, with hundreds of new tech tools hitting the market, you can. But should you?

With WiFi, apps, GPS, speech recognition, movement tracking, and more, these new gizmos are programmed to interact with your kids, entertain them, and keep them healthy. For most parents, the idea of a device taking the parenting reins ranges from “over-my-dead body” to “I’ll take two.” Certainly research shows that warm interactions with a loving caregiver are best for children’s development. But just for fun, we consider who (or what) is better able to handle these parenting chores:

  • Getting Kids to Sleep?
  • Entertaining Kids?
  • Keeping Track of Kids’ Locations?
  • Keeping Kids Healthy?
  • Being Your Kid’s Friend?

Find out who wins when it comes to parenting chores – Man or Machine?

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