Hamlin Dancers Perform at City College of San Francisco

On the night of December 10th, a group of talented 8th graders took the stage with the Ultimate Alliance Dance Company, on the campus of San Francisco’s City College. They dazzled the audience of 100 while performing with college age dancers from the Strong Pulse Dance Crew. One dance focused on “All Lives Matter,” another piece featured blindfolded dancers recreating a West Nigerian myth urging people to not deplete the earth’s resources. The experience gave Hamlin students the opportunity to participate in the show and be exposed to a variety of dance genres, along with diverse cultures and body types.

The evening could not have happened without the leadership of Hamlin faculty member, Kirstin Williams who created and designed the entire event. Ms. Williams held over 60 hours of rehearsal time in preparation for the performance.

She states, “I was really impressed by the Hamlin students’ enthusiasm and commitment. They rehearsed during recess, extra time, and lunch. Their dedication was incredible. At the end of the show they asked if we could do this every night. They were hooked on the performance element.”


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