Hamlin Welcomes Facebook’s Bianca Gates for Hour of Code

BiancaGatesphotoOn December 8th Bianca Gates, Facebook executive and entrepreneur, shared her professional journey while also emphasizing the importance of coding to online business platforms. Ms. Gates joined the ranks of influential women who have spoken at Hamlin during the Hour of Code week; this list includes Task Rabbit CEO, Leah Busque and Tech Entrepreneur, Kakul Srivastava.

Ms. Gates spoke about the importance of hard work and passion. Growing up in Southern California she worked her way through UC-Irvine while waiting tables for 30 hours a week at the Macaroni Grill. Her love of people and desire for financial freedom propelled her into a career in sales. After stops in Texas and Florida, Ms. Gates arrived in New York City, eventually working seven years for MTV. After hearing Sheryl Sandberg speak about the importance of “leaning in,” she was inspired to pursue a job at Facebook.

While at Facebook she came to understand how vital coding is to the success of websites and businesses. “Coding is for everybody. Learn it, understand it, have a basic knowledge of coding. Understanding the backend is fundamental to understanding how a business operates.”

During the question and answer period, Ms. Gates spoke about how the Bay Area needs more women working in technology designing products. “I love the Bay Area, anything is possible, industry is evolving everyday, but it is a culture where we need more women.”

Ms. Gates also referenced her entrepreneurial business venture, Birdies Slippers. To learn more please visit: http://birdiesslippers.com/

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