Common Sense Media Tip of the Week 11/08

digital_citizenship-certified_school-med CS_supporter_school-BIG-300x62Serving certain age groups seems to be a no-brainer for TV studios. There are social-emotional skill-builders for preschoolersliteracy-strengtheners for kindergartnersscientific discovery for middle schoolers, and sophisticated dramas for teens. But for tweens who’ve outgrown Peppa Pig but aren’t yet ready for Pretty Little Liars, most shows remain firmly in the territory of talk-to-the-hand, eye-rolling, and mean-girls.

However, a new trend toward smart, funny, quality programming for tweens is changing the equation. Shows with over-the-top acting and less-than-positive messages are beginning to share the schedule with programs offering tweens enough of an edge to make them feel a little more grown-up, along with lessons on character that use subtlety to make a point and role models you’ll be happy to see them emulate. Check out these cool new picks like Milo Murphy’s Law and Legendary Dudas and see the rest of list here.

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