Common Sense Tip of the Week 09/26

CS_supporter_school-BIG-300x62 digital_citizenship-certified_school-medWhat’s the easiest thing you can do to impress prospective schools? It’s not your GPA. It’s not the debate team. It’s your Facebook – and your TwitterSnapchatYouTubeVine, and any other social media feeds that high schools and colleges can seeAnd yes, they’re looking. Get answers to the most important questions about what schools want to see here. 

It is important for your kids to understand how their social media feeds will impact their future.  They don’t need to delete all their photos, but they should certainly understand what is appropriate and what needs to be taken down.  Be sure to share this article with your kids, young and old, who are using social media. Remember, it is developmentally difficult for a 13 year old to think about what their 25 year old self will think of their Instagram post! But, you can remind them that their posts will be viewed by their high school and college Admission Counselors!

Have a great week and don’t forget to use Common Sense.

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