Diversity & Inclusion with Glenn Singleton

Glenn3Today, Hamlin’s standing committee on program excellence (SCOPE) had the opportunity to engage in a courageous conversation about diversity and inclusion with Glenn Singleton from the Pacific Educational Group.

“Glenn Eric Singleton hails from Baltimore, Maryland. A product of public elementary and independent secondary school, Singleton earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Singleton began his career as an Ivy League admissions director. In 1992, he founded Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG) to support families in their transitions within and between K–12 and higher education. His company rapidly grew into a vehicle for addressing systemic educational inequity by providing a framework, guidance, and support to K–12 systems and institutions of higher education focused on meeting the needs of under-served students of color” (Pacific Educational Group Website).

Mr. Singleton’s presence created a space for SCOPE members to share their feelings about equity, diversity and inclusion, as it relates to our Hamlin community. The following questions came to surface:

-How do we help all parents feel included outside of Hamlin school functions?

-How do we increase admissions outreach to diverse geographic areas of San Francisco?

-How do we increase our Latina population of students?

-How do we continue to build “habits of inclusion” into the culture of Hamlin?

-How do we establish protocols at Hamlin so that diversity efforts are sustainable?

This conversation was a profound and thoughtful way to start SCOPE in September. We will be able to use the discussion as a touchstone moving forward as we strive to continually make Hamlin a diverse and inclusive place.

To learn more about Glenn Singleton and the Pacific Educational Group, please visit:


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