Faces of Courage, with Mark Tuschman

photo-78On April 5th, Hamlin welcomed the renowned photographer, Mark Tuschman.

“Mark Tuschman has been a freelance photographer for over 35 years. He has devoted much of the past decade to documenting global health challenges and women’s human rights issues, in collaboration with UN agencies, socially conscious corporations, foundations, and NGO’s” (Faces of Courage Website).

 Mr. Tuschman began his presentation by sharing his own origins, speaking about his childhood in the impoverished, densely populated lower east side. He stated that the photography work of Jacob Riis influenced his love of powerful images. He went on to explain how taking commercial photos did not bring him complete fulfillment, so he sought other ways to use his talent for a greater purpose.

Mr. Tuschman then took our students on an inspiring tour of his book, Faces of Courage. The photos he shared spanned the globe from Mongolia, to Guatemala, to Nigeria. He projected images of women who were empowered through microfinance and girls fighting for an education in one-room makeshift mud schoolhouses. He also showed photos that vividly addressed the lack of reproductive healthcare in many regions of the world.

“The women I’ve photographed have constantly inspired me. They’ve taught me the human condition is wrought with great uncertainty and suffering, yet the human spirit and the hope for a better life can withstand terrible hardships and even grow stronger in the face of adversity. I’ve come to understand that their cause is our cause; their humanity is our humanity.”

During the question and answer period Tuschman encouraged our students to think about how they too can make a difference. He urged them to use their strengths to make their community and world a better place.

To learn more about Mark Tuschman and his book, please visit: http://facesofcouragebook2015.com

Below is a video of Mr. Tushman speaking about the experience of taking photos of girls learning in a classroom:

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