Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 3/17/2016


digital_citizenship-certified_school-medWomen who kick butt, rock out, and break barriers are the ones we want our kids to know about, not the women who make a living on their looks! These are the women who defy stereotypes and embody character traits we would like to see in our kids: perseverance, courage, empathy and creativity.  And even though it’s 2016, women have a long way to go to be equally reflected in everything from speaking parts in movies to board rooms in Silicon Valley. As actress and  spokesperson Geena Davis says, she can’t be it if she can’t see it.  So, choose a few of these 10 awesome female role models with your kids (especially your daughters) and discuss why these women embody the character traits you admire.

While your thinking about great character traits, we just released a new initiative called the Common Sense Character Traits Initiative.  Launched last week, the goal is to help parents and educators find movies and TV shows that teach character and promote the positive aspects of great storytelling and media role models.

Common Sense users can now filter reviews for eleven separate character traits and find inspiration for media to view together with the family.  Dig into our popular Recommended Lists for CharacterDevelopment.  You’ll find top picks for movies that inspire gratitude integrity and perseverance, as well as TV shows that promote everything from compassion to empathy

Have a great week and don’t forget to use Common Sense,

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