Jo Kreiter: Aerial Dance & Social Justice

photo (43)On December 14th, Hamlin welcomed the inspiring dance artist and social activist, Jo Kreiter.

Ms. Kreiter is “a San Francisco-based choreographer with a background in political science. She thrives at the intersection of social justice and acrobatic spectacle. Through dance she engages imagination, physical innovation and the political conflicts we live within” (Flyaway Productions Website).

Ms. Kreiter’s artistic dance work takes the stories of women and brings them to life through aerial performances that show the “range and power of female physicality, demonstrating the tools of the body to show the best of who women are.”

In preparation for one of her performance pieces, Ms. Kreiter interviewed seven homeless women who were over the age of 50. She took facets of their narratives and their recorded voices and incorporated those into the choreography and audio track for the resulting piece, “Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane.” For example, some of the homeless women who were interviewed mentioned the extreme discomfort of sleeping in chairs; this experience was later brought into the dance movements.

One Hamlin student shared the following about Ms. Kreiter and her work: “It was inspiring to see the way she translates social issues through dance.”

Another Hamlin student asked Ms. Kreiter her advice about pursuing a life in dance. Her passionate response was:

“Celebrate your training, be present in moment, always do it for you, own your choices, there are a million ways to be an artist, work really hard!”

Keep an eye out for Jo Krieter’s upcoming dance work related to domestic violence and addressing income inequality in San Francisco.

Watch this video clip below to see Ms. Kreiter speaking about working with the seven homeless women and bringing their stories into dance.

To watch an excerpt from “Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane,” please visit:

To learn more about Jo Kreiter and Flyaway Productions, please visit:

Special thanks to Hamlin Dance teacher Jill Randall for introducing Ms. Kreiter to our students.


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