South African Education: Global Teacher’s Institute Coming to San Francisco

DoyBKuW0When apartheid ended in South Africa in 1994 euphoria swept through the country.  Nelson Mandela was a international hero and a new day dawned.  More than twenty years later South Africa is a country working to inspire young people to become teachers.  Approximately 25,000 new teachers are needed each year, but only 10,000 meet the necessary qualifications to teach.  Those that do become teachers leave the profession after an average of only three years. The current gap between teacher demand and supply creates a ripple effect that could leave a growing population struggling to achieve academic success in a competitive world arena.

The Global Teacher’s Institute provides a solution.  Many schools in the San Francisco Bay Area (including Hamlin) have hosted teachers trained in the core principles of GTI through the non-profit Teach With Africa.  Moving forward, the Global Teacher’s Institute seeks to expand and deepen its emphasis on personal transformation as a key component of teacher training.  Born from the wisdom of visionary founder John Gilmour, the Global Teacher’s Institute believes that socio-emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-reflection, are core values that every teacher should honor both in themselves and their students.  Crucial to this belief is creating community around the profession of teaching itself.  GTI believes that through thoughtful mentorship and professional development, teachers will gain personal fulfillment that will motivate them to stay in education, and in turn, inspire future generations to love learning.  The Global Teacher’s Institute will officially launch in July of 2015.  Keep an eye out for GTI teachers next school year in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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