Earth Day Time!

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw (1)On April 22nd 2015, we engaged in an eclectic mix of activities celebrating the stewardship of our local and global environment.  The day began with the beautiful reading of an Earth Day poem by Assistant Head of School Marisa Bellingrath, followed by creative and inspiring presentations by artists-in-residence at Recology, Ma Li and Eden Evens, who make art from discarded items.  Our students then adjourned to various work stations to make their own recycled art wonders, creating everything from weaving, to talking sticks, and cardboard sculptures.

In the afternoon, groups divided up by various grade levels and brought their Earth Day spirit to the greater world. One group did stewardship in a local San Francisco park, another raised awareness on Union street for the Drop Foundation, an organization that brings clean water to people in Uganda.  A third group initiated the “StrawFreeSF” campaign going door to door on Fillmore street sharing specific information about plastic and the impact of straws on the environment (500 million are consumed a day in the United States alone!).  The last group watered plants and picked up trash at Mountain Lake, a United States National Park hidden in San Francisco.

Earth Day was an inspiration and truly honored this wonderful planet of ours.

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