Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 1/6/2015


Tips (and Resolutions) for the New Year  Whether you’re a planner or a play-it-by-ear person, your family will undoubtedly face media and technology issues in 2015 as they become more ubiquitous, affordable, and essential to daily life. There’s a lot to look forward to — and a lot to manage. Consider some of these New Year’s resolutions, and you’ll weather anything that comes your way.

  • Focus on content quality, not screen-time quantity. Trying to tally up all the minutes your kids spend in front of a screen — and feeling guilty when they go “over” — helps nothing. This year, focus on becoming actively engaged in your kids’ media.
  • Play a game with your kid. Kids love games. There’s a certain kind of bond that develops when families compete — plus, it’s fun. Playing games with your kids also imparts important skills, such as taking turns, winning graciously, losing gracefully, and practicing good sportsmanship.
  • Embrace the next new thing. At some point this year, a killer app, viral video, or hot new show will take your kids by storm. Keep an open mind and explore this new thing along with them. You’ll learn more about what your kids are doing, how they can safely use new tools, and how to guide them through a changing landscape.
  • Do some good. Show your kids that the real power of the Web is in how it can connect those in need to those who can help out. In addition to traditional charities, there are sites that let you target your gift to specific donors, find volunteer opportunities, promote causes you believe in, and even let your kids lead the charge.

For these tips and more, check out the article 7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Family Should Make in 2015 on the Common Sense Media parent blog.

From each and every member of the Hamlin Technology Team we want to wish you a Happy New Year – we look forward to doing great things together!

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