Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 12/16/2014

CS_supporter_school-BIGThe air is buzzing with holiday fervor, schools are closing for winter break, and rainy days are sending kids back into their living rooms – to curl up with a book? More likely, kids are itching to utilize their freedom by trying out the newest Nintendo games and catching up on the latest TV shows. Keep family time on the table by balancing screen time with offline activities such as building crafts together, and challenge your family to generate fun on your own steam — without Wifi, data, or plugs. Check out Common Sense’s 8 Ways to Unplug Your Holidays.

Of course, chances are, your kids’ Christmas lists’ contain at least one or two techy gadgets and games. Before giving in to pleas for the latest Xbox console or iPhone 6, reflect on your family media rules, and which newest tech items your kid can do without. Also, make sure to do your research before picking up the most recent Grand Theft Auto V, or any other video game you may not know is laden with inappropriate content. Make sure to check out Common Sense’s reviews on the latest movies, books, apps, and games before the shopping frenzy takes hold.

Need gift ideas? Here are the 13 Coolest Socially Conscious Kid and Teen Gifts of 2014.

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